About KingsWood Ptivate Tuition Centre


At Kingswood, our goal is to provide a tuition programme that embodies the private school experience, at affordable prices. 
We know that English students rank as low as 27th in Maths, 22nd in reading ability; and class sizes are now as high as 28 students on an average. 


As a result, your child needs to be supported as much as possible to ensure that they become everything that they are capable of. 

English private schools have been consistently ranked as the highest performing institutions in the world. 

Renowned for their educational excellence and emphasis on discipline and confidence, schools such as Eton, Christ's Hospital and Harrow regularly produce high achieving Politicians, CEO’s, Doctors, Mathematicians and Engineers. 
However, with the average school fees at £17,000 per year, this is unobtainable for many families.

It is for this reason that our founders - all having attending prestigious private schools, all of whom are teachers, and are highly educated - created Kingswood. 

Kingswood is a tuition platform that helps boost the grades and overall performance of all young people we work with, instilling the core learning principles of a private school, at affordable prices. 



Free Trial Session

Every student receives a free trial to ensure that our service suits their needs.

Free Assessment 

All potential students will receive an assessment free of charge.

Free Individual Learning Plan 

Each student has access to a bespoke individualised learning plan to support parents in their choice.

Refer A Friend Scheme 

For every new student you refer to us, you will receive a 15% discount towards your termly booking. If you refer 5 students to us, your child will receive free tuition for a full 12 weeks potentially saving £1000.

Free Learning Resources

All student's resources, practice papers and structured weekly homework provided.




At Kingswood, we only work with educators who have experience of both the academic and professional world, mixing real life experience with formal education.  

From qualified doctors, to College lecturers, from special education needs trainers, to experienced state and private school teachers — we are prepared for and welcome every type of student to ensure that they get the support they require.

Two studies recently published showed that in the six hours that student spend in schools, only 51 minutes of actual learning time takes place, with only 3 minutes of 1:1 interaction time with a teacher per day. 

This is why at Kingswood, we strictly adhere to a 6:1 ratio for most classes, 3:1 for micro learning, and a 1:1 ratio for more specialised 

We know that every student is unique, and has a different way of absorbing knowledge, therefore, getting to know our students is critical in planning their learning, drawing on their strengths, skills and interests, and cognitive abilities.

Working closely with the families, it is this personalised and collaborative approach that enables us to provide the high quality teaching, learning and support. 

In addition, all our staffs are DBS checked and receive on-going training to update their skills. 



With an in-depth knowledge of the major exam boards: Pearson, Edexcel, AQA and OCR, a great deal of time has been spent scrutinising every aspect of the curriculum so that we develop an educational experience that is active and engaging for all learning styles.

Rather than regurgitating the curriculum to students and providing a generic programme as other centres do, we have developed learning styles that actively encourage students to investigate and collaborate, creating inquisitive and independent thinkers.

This develops students with stamina, resourcefulness and resilience to engage with the deep and memorable skills required for both primary school, secondary school, and beyond. 

Whilst only 7% of the country attends private school, they make up 74% of the top judiciary, 61% of all doctors, 55% of solicitors, 35% of leading CEOs, and 28% of people studying dentistry, including 51% of leading journalists and 47% of the cabinet. 

In private schools, it is not only the formal education that students receive that enables this progression - it is also their emphasis on values and culture: their enrichment programmes. 

This is where Kingswood differs from other tuition services. 
Completely free of charge, we provide high quality seminars in debating and public speaking, knowledge of Latin and ancient Greek, and international politics to ensure that your child is well-spoken, self-assured and aware of the professional etiquette that are integral to gain sought after internships and senior positions. 

Presentation Skills, Music, World Politics,Mandarin, Mindfulness, Study Skills, Performing Arts, Leadership, Classical Music, History of Art, Latin, Ancient Greek.