Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a tuition programme that embodies the private school experience, at affordable prices.


With British educational standards at state schools dipping to levels that put a child’s future at risk, your child needs to be supported as much as possible to ensure they become everything that they are capable of.


An international study recently revealed that globally, English students rank as low as 27th for Maths results, 22nd for reading ability; and class sizes are now increasing at an average of 28. This is unacceptable both for parents and students.


England private schools, however, are, and have been consistently ranked as the highest performing institutions in the world. Renowned for their educational excellence, their emphasis on values such as discipline, independence and confidence, schools such as Eton, Christ’s Hospital, Marlborough, Wellington and Harrow have regularly produced high numbers of world leaders, CEOs, doctors, mathematicians and engineers.


But with average school fees at £17,000 per year, for many families, this is unobtainable.


It is for this reason that our founders – all having attending prestigious private schools, all whom are teachers, and all whom are highly educated – created Kingswood: a tuition platform that is dedicated to boosting the grades of all young people we work with, exemplifying the core learning principles of a private school philosophy through everything we do, but at affordable prices.

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