Why Start After-School Tuition?

The main goal of our Tuition Centre is to help your child reach a point where he or she is confidently able to succeed in a classroom situation at school. Many of the children who come to us are lacking confidence and our special methods quickly help boost their self-esteem and enjoyment of school


Students who come to our Centre are taught one-on-one in small groups of a maximum of 5 students. We find this to be the best way of achieving the goal of classroom success, for the following reasons:


Shared Sense of Purpose

Children work better when there are others around them who are focused, active and proud of what they are achieving. This is the atmosphere within all small group tuition classes at our Centre.

Independent Learning

A key aim of our Centre is to develop independent learners. Students achieve this much more quickly if they are shown how to do something and then do it on their own – without the teacher breathing down their neck!


Making Friends

Children who come to our Centre enjoy meeting other kids. Often they will find children from their school there too. Friendship is a powerful motivator in learning, and our structured, cheerful and carefully monitored learning environment fosters positive friendships.

Build Self Esteem

Children build their own self-esteem by being role-models for other students in the group, both academically and socially. We avoid any negative comparisons by ensuring that each child is succeeding at their own level.


Security of Constant Help

It is less threatening – and therefore better for learning – for a student to be allowed to process new learning without teacher involvement. However, when they need the teacher he or she is there – they always have the security of constant available help.

Transitioning to School

The educational value of coming for after-school tuition lies in being able to transfer new skills back into the classroom. There is no doubt that it is easier to make this transfer from a small group of peers than from a one-on-one, adult-child setting.

In Summary

Learning takes place most effectively in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Our small group tuition encourages children to relax and enjoy being in the Centre. With a shared sense of purpose, supportive teachers, constructive friendships and positive role modelling, children quickly gain confidence and begin to enjoy learning again.

To find out whether your child needs our help, request your Free Taster Session for an assessment and honest no-obligation advice.